Why Choose North Shore Elementary

This neighborhood school in St. Petersburg, FL has plenty to offer.


A Local Gem

Enjoy lunch outside in the quaint courtyard.

North Shore Elementary has been proudly serving students for over 90 years and is the alma mater to many of today’s leaders in St. Petersburg. It is a small school with character, compassion, diversity, and ingenuity that continues to define what successful public education should and can look like. With approximately 400 students, the small size of North Shore allows for all teachers and staff to know all students, not just the ones in their classes. Whether you are walking around the campus, participating in school-wide events, or at Knights in the Courtyard (the monthly spirit assemblies) you can see and hear teachers, students, and parents supporting each other and engaging in each other’s lives. Additionally, the teachers who come to North Shore Elementary to teach stay there, and are continually supported to grow and develop their craft as they see fit. All of this combines to create a truly amazing school community and feel.


Students entertaining families at one of their musical performances.

There is something incredibly rewarding about sending your child to the school next door. Friends, activities and events are nearby. You see the same faces, and grow to care for and respect your neighbors. Coincidentally, this has created an incredibly active group of parents and community members making up both the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) and School Advisory Committee (SAC) who continue to support and challenge the school to be the best it can be.

Faculty & Staff

Our leaders are welcoming to our families and community.

Principal Heidi Bockover has been working within the Pinellas County School system since 1989 in a variety of roles, serving as a classroom teacher, a curriculum specialist, and within administration. She holds a Master’s Degree in Reading and Language Arts from the University of South Florida and earned her Ed. Leadership Certification from Florida State University. She fosters a love of learning and sense of community and works hard to build upon the strong foundation and traditions which make our “Castle” so special.

The School Grade

Florida School Accountability Reports currently grades North Shore Elementary as a C. We want to caution parents that the school grade is not a sufficient enough measure alone (in other words, it doesn't tell the true story of a school and all of its accomplishments and challenges). North Shore proudly maintains a robust ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) program. They have approximately one unit (or class) per grade made up of students that qualify for ASD services. These students are all tested the same as the rest of the student body. Being a small school and having 12% of our student population qualifying as ASD students can and does impact our school grade. Furthermore, the clear correlation between poverty and lower school grades throughout the Pinellas County School district illuminates that a measure of educational excellence cannot be solely determined by this current matrix.

The school grade cannot be all that prospective parents should care about. It is our belief that gearing specifically towards tests does not ensure a well rounded education for our kids. Homework policies, teacher engagement, recess time, after-school enrichments, and many other factors go into the North Shore experience. We strongly encourage all families who are considering North Shore elementary to schedule a tour and see first hand how NSE meets the needs of all students.

Headshot of speaker
Jon Kile Dad to Kindergartener and 3rd Grader
Our son James entered North Shore in first grade and we couldn't be more excited. Having tried a private school, we find that there are a lot of advantages to attending a public school in our neighborhood. The proximity and ability to connect with other local families is important. We've found that North Shore has more resources to address the differing rates of learning in young children and the gifted and music programs were a major factor in choosing our neighborhood school. We look forward to watching James and his younger sister Anna grow at North Shore.

A Bright Future

School Assemblies bring the community together to share in student successes, faculty appreciation, and a good dose of fun!

There has already been noticeable progress with the implementation of programs like 7th Hour/After School Enrichments and opportunities for Exceptional Student Education. Not to mention, a ton of cool things are happening around campus. Then, add in physical upgrades, FNSE boosting classrooms, and professional development for teachers and it becomes easy to see what an amazing school North Shore is and how many exciting things will continue to happen in the future!

About Friends

Students at Crisp park.

Friends of North Shore Elementary (FNSE) was founded from sidewalk conversations in 2015. Neighbors with preschool aged children were asking themselves, “Why are families in one neighborhood attending over 10 different elementary schools instead of North Shore Elementary, our zoned school?” The interest in this idea was incredibly strong, and it was clear that many individuals wanted to support their neighborhood school. With the purpose to help bring positive focus and contribution to North Shore Elementary, FNSE incorporated as a non-profit in December 2015 and was established as a 501(c)(3) a few months later.



What is the homework policy? North Shore believes in its teachers, and that they know how their students will learn and experience school best. As such, homework is a teacher-by-teacher choice. Continue reading about this and other questions in our FAQ which details more about the school, performance, teachers, events, tours and Friends of North Shore.