Friends of North Shore Elementary

We're a local non profit assisting the school however we can.


How We Started

A monthly FNSE meeting.

Friends of North Shore Elementary (FNSE) was founded from sidewalk conversations in 2015. Neighbors with preschool aged children were asking themselves,“Why are families in one neighborhood attending over 10 different elementary schools instead of North Shore Elementary, our zoned school?” The interest in this idea was incredibly strong, and it was clear that many individuals wanted to support their neighborhood school. With the purpose to help bring positive focus and contribution to North Shore Elementary, FNSE incorporated as a non-profit in December 2015 and was established as a 501(c)(3) a few months later.

Our Mission

Working with the principal and staff.

Our mission is to partner with North Shore Elementary in their work to ensure it is a dynamic, engaging and successful public school that proudly serves families in the Northeast region of St. Petersburg. We envision that North Shore Elementary is such a dynamic, engaging, and successful school that it is a key driver for families and businesses to locate to the area.

Our Goal

There are a few ways in which we work towards our goal of North Shore Elementary being the first choice for families who live within the zoned district.

  • School Programming FNSE has developed relationships with faculty and staff and serves as a partner to assess the curriculum, school day, and teachers needs, providing support in each of these areas when possible.
  • Fundraising FNSE supports the school to identify and fund projects which encourage the education and facilities to simultaneously meet student needs and inspire a love of learning.
  • Family Outreach FNSE works hard to engage pre-school age families as well as aims to connect local businesses, elected officials, and interested individuals to ways he/she/they can support the school.

Stay Informed

Our primary means of communication is through our Facebook page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You may also find relevant information on the North Shore Elementary site or on their Twitter feed.

Get Involved

A North Shore Elementary Event

We would love to have you get engaged. There is something for everyone. Depending on your interest and availability there are a variety of ways to get involved with both North Shore Elementary and FNSE. We’re looking for people of all availabilities and skill levels, so if you think you may want to get involved, please keep reading. You can view a handful of volunteer options below, or click through for more details on papework, contact information, and so on. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Front Office Support
  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • Lunch PAL Mentors
  • Lunchroom Support
  • Join a Committee
  • Attend Meetings
  • Fundraise
  • Connect Us
  • Host an Event
Headshot of speaker
Jon Kile Dad to Kindergartener and 3rd Grader
Our son James entered North Shore in first grade and we couldn't be more excited. Having tried a private school, we find that there are a lot of advantages to attending a public school in our neighborhood. The proximity and ability to connect with other local families is important. We've found that North Shore has more resources to address the differing rates of learning in young children and the gifted and music programs were a major factor in choosing our neighborhood school. We look forward to watching James and his younger sister Anna grow at North Shore.

Why Choose North Shore?

Creativity in the classroom!

North Shore Elementary has been proudly serving students for over 90 years and is the alma mater to many of today’s leaders in St. Petersburg. It is a small school with character, compassion, diversity, and ingenuity that continues to define what successful public education should and can look like. With approximately 400 students (between 3 to 4 classes per grade) the small size of North Shore allows for all teachers and staff to know all students, not just the ones in their classes. Continue reading to see everything that North Shore Elementary brings to the table!



How are donations used? Donations to FNSE all do directly back to the school. Currently we are still funding out 'Boost Program' as well as providing support for professional development for teachers as well as field trip support. Have additional questions? Head on over to our FAQ to learn more about the school, performance, teachers, events, tours and Friends of North Shore.